Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a cheat sheet for labor?

Like do this, move this, try this… No guessing what to do. No wondering how you can help your partner.


Get the birth you've always wanted!

Listen: I WISH when I had my first son someone would have spelled it out for me. THIS is what you need to do. Here is how you help baby engage in your pelvis. Try this move to relieve back pain.

If you’re a first time expectant mom, you’ve probably heard a lot of “must haves” or “tips.”  

As a birth doula, child birth educator, yoga instructor, family & marriage therapist AND mom of four… I’ve been there and seen that. I have the tools to empower you. And you have the capability to have the birth you desire!

When I started my business 16 years ago, I had no idea this would be my journey. After I started teaching prenatal yoga, I had moms begging me after class to teach them about child birth. That’s part of what led me to become a doula.


Here’s a common testimonial:


“I had no idea what to expect with labor. I wish I would have known about Ashley with my first baby! It would have gone so different.”


If you’re expecting and don’t know what to expect with labor or how to the handle pain, then OMbirth Pocket Guide is for you!

And for just $15, cheaper than a run through the drive-thru, you'll have access to what I tell my doula clients.


Inside the OMbirth Pocket Guide you’ll find:


  • Positions of comfort and relaxation while in labor
  • Positions to help aid in labor progression
  • Positions to decrease pain while in labor
  • Breathing techniques and exercises for staying grounded
  • Tips on other methods of pain management for the laboring mom
  • A notes sheet to help keep track of your favorite movements and plan for your birth


Ready to get started?


Grab your copy and feel better prepared for labor and birth today. But hurry! Price increases September 8th!

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