• Yoga Classes & Guided Meditations

    You will have access to yoga classes that you can take right at home. OMamas at hOMe will offer a variety of classes from gentle to prenatal and postpartum (with baby), as well as parent-tot yoga and guided meditations.

  • Members Only Facebook Group

    OMamas at hOMe members will get full access to the private members only facebook group. Ashley will respond to every post and will host live videos and interviews with experts in parenting, nutrition, yoga, healing practitioners, relationships and more. The Facebook group will also be a way to connect with other moms in a more intimate way.

  • Monthly Support Calls

    Each month, Ashley will host a zoom (group support) call. You can call in from computer or phone. We will discuss everything: how you are feeling, what you are struggling with, and get great support from a therapist and mom. It is like group therapy from your sofa!

  • Weekly LIVE Videos with Ashley

    Weekly live videos will be accessed through the members only Facebook group. Each week, Ashley will cover everything mom related and also do check ins with current hot topics. All to help you feel more confident in yourself as a mom. If you can't make it live, it will be available in the videos archive to access when its convenient for YOU!

  • Interviews with Experts

    Each month, Ashley will do "Oprah Style" interviews with experts in different aspects of mothering, healing, support. You will have access to these videos as long as you are an OMama at hOMe member.

  • It Gets Even Better!

    You will have full access to all past videos, documents, programs, calls, meditations, yoga classes and basically everything we do here as long as you maintain membership.

I Know it is so easy to fall out of the habit of self care when we become mothers. I also know how essential it is!

I began my yoga practice when my second son was a newborn and I noticed an immediate feeling of a re-entry, or a reset button...feeling more like myself. Then it became easier and more fulfilling to be a mom, and raise my kids from a more authentic place...OMamas at hOMe will support you every day, right from your home, making your reset button so convenient!

What Members are saying...

Ashley R.

I love that you are live online.

Ashley R.

You were such a great support while I was pregnant, through birth and having a tiny baby so I love that you are live online to be a constant when my world has changed so much during that process now that my little person is a toddler.
Lindsey P.

Ashley-you are AMAZING!!!

Lindsey P.

LOVE this group-There is so little time with a two year old and a baby, plus work. I need to come to yoga but rarely can. I love that I can listen to the live videos on my headphones at work and do yoga at home when I can. Plus Ashley-you are AMAZING!!! Thank you for doing this!
Charlie B.

I love the amazing supportive community

Charlie B.

I love the amazing supportive community and being able to feel safe in asking questions and talking to other moms. I have yet to be on a Zoom but I loved the fact that you checked in with every mama on that call and asked how they were feeling and letting them know that not only you were there for support but us other mamas in the group are too!
Kyndra S.

Yoga access!

Kyndra S.

Yoga access! Listening to the weekly calls just helps to stay motivated and embrace the journey. And I'd second the safe feeling when posting/asking for advise.
Devlynn B.

such a valuable network for women

Devlynn B.

I found omamas and omamas at home through the ICAN chapter in Kansas City during my search for a doula. I live two hours away from the yoga studio but used to come when I was in kc for doctors appointments. Now that I have had my successful vbac I am loving to still be able to find the support I need through omamas at home since I am to far in distance to come in person. Ashley and her team have built such a valuable network for women and I am forever thankful.

OMamas at hOMe is like having a therapist, a yoga teacher, a support group, and the power of guided meditations at your fingertips... like you are on a personal retreat every time you open your computer. You deserve to feel like the best version of yourself! Your kids deserve to have you at your best!  OMamas at hOMe is a collection of over 15 years of work, supporting women on their journey through motherhood.  

There's Nothing Else Like It Believe me! Everything we are doing at OMamas at hOMe is what I have been searching for. There was nothing like this, so I created it! We are the only membership group that offers real mom support, expert advice, with added meditations, yoga classes, and support calls, all to help YOU be the best mama for your family.

OMamas at hOMe Facebook Group

OMamas Facebook Group has been providing support to women since 2008 and has over 14,000 mothers sharing and helping make parenting a little easier. OMamas at hOMe is a private and members only facebook group where we will offer live videos, Ashley will respond to every post, do live yoga classes and you will be a part of a new supportive community where we can share and support each other on this special journey of mothering.
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OMamas at hOMe Facebook Group

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