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This course will prepare you for a birth experience that is empowering and deeply connected. Making sure you love your birth!

  • Online OMbirth class + Manual

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  • Guided Meditation for Childbirth (Audio/Text)

  • Choices in Childbirth (Audio/Text)

  • Affirmations (Audio/Text)

  • 3 Online Prenatal Yoga classes

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  • Ashley Walburn, MFT, E-RYT 500

    Ashley Walburn, MFT, E-RYT 500

    Ashley Walburn has been a doula since 2006 and has attended over 700 births to date. She created OMbirth for couples to help them prepare for an empowered, supported, no regrets birth. She teaches couples all her best tips and tricks that really prepare partners to support a birthing mother. Ashley founded hOMe family holistic center in 2014, after over a decade of prenatal, birth and postpartum work with women. Ashley's first son was difficult childbirth without adequate support and knew even then, that birth and mothering should be amazing, and this just wasn't. So with her next baby almost 8 years later, she used a midwife, had 2 doulas and acheived an awesome, empowered, natural birth with her 2nd son and again two more times. "When mothers are informed and supported, they make the right choice for their family." As a Birth Doula, Marriage and Family Therapist, Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Childbirth Educator, Ashley has supported thousands of women on their pregnancy and mothering journeys and thrilled to share her knowledge with you. "Yoga is so much more than movement, it is what grounds me and reminds me of my true self. I am a better woman and mother because of my yoga practice and I am so grateful to share it with all of you!"